What does the abbreviation LED stand for?

LED stands for light-emitting diode. While I will not bore you or confuse you with a bunch of jargon related to this technology, what I will tell you is that LED flood lights are the wave of the future. They have a low energy consumption, longer lifetime, smaller size, and faster switching than fluorescent or incandescent lighting. LED technology is still relatively expensive, but when you factor in how often you have to change other types of light bulbs, the cost makes sense.

Many cities around the United States are switching their street lights to LED lights to save on energy emissions and overall replacement costs since these lights have tens of thousands of hours of use on their counterparts.

What is "Indoor LED Lighting"?

Indoor lighting is changing. People are sick of changing their light bulbs all the time. What people are looking for is convenience, quality and overall savings, and they are willing to pay more up front to get it. Have you heard the phrase, ‘quality over quantity?’ Well that is what you will experience with LED indoor lighting. These high quality lighting options give you a longer-lasting lighting source with dimming capabilities that will revolutionize how you light your home.

No more changing light bulbs every few months. These LED indoor lights last forever! LED lighting is a bit more expensive on the front end than traditional fluorescent bulbs, halogen or incandescent lighting, but it lasts so much longer and saves you so much money on your energy bill that it is worth it. One of the best things about using LED lighting indoors is that it does not emit the same heat that other lighting sources do. So, not only does the light itself use less energy, but your home temperature is not affecting by this lighting so you save money there as well.

Outdoor LED Lighting Explained

Outdoor LED solutions are often grouped into the general "flood lights" and are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. If you don't understand the differentiation between indoor LEDs and outdoor flood lights, read the guide from Eco-Lights titled simply "LED flood lights". LED flood lights have three to five times the lifespan of halogen, metal halide and HPS lights. They will save you 50-70% on your energy costs when you compare them to traditional mercury or HPS flood lights. If you compare these lights to halogen lights, then you are looking at an 80% savings in energy costs. With LED flood lights, you will save on maintenance costs and energy emissions. You do not have to worry about UV, IR, mercury or lead pollution. LED flood lights are a great investment.

Where can I Find LED Flood Lights?

There are many places you can find LED flood lights. Costco, Home Depot and specialty lighting stores are just a few places you can find LED flood lights. If you are looking for a way to lower your energy bills and your energy emissions, then you can make a simple change like installing LED flood lights to get the changes you want.



Where can I use LED Flood Lights?

LED flood lights have many uses. You can use LED flood lights in recessed lighting fixtures indoors and outdoors in motion detector lighting or as spotlights to illuminate your driveway. You can use them to accent a sidewalk in the front of your home to make a pathway. Remember that LED lights have a bit of a warm-up time. You will not get an instantaneous light like you will with the fluorescent and incandescent lighting as the lights take a little bit to warm up. The resulting light you get after they warm-up is very soft and pleasant.

LED lights are used in vehicle taillights now, and you can even see the tiny LED lights when you get close to a car that has them. This is magnificent when you think about how large LED lights used to be. To think they can fit in a tiny bulb is incredible.

LED flood lights are a great buy. They will save you energy, lower your negative emissions and boost your health (read the full article at Energy Rating Bureau of Australia) into the atmosphere and save you money in the long run. They are well worth the extra cost at the initial outset because they pay for themselves if you factor in all of the money you save over the course of the time you have the lights. LED flood lights are a great lighting source, and the technology is only improving every year. Take advantage of this new craze and be the first on your block to switch your outdoor lighting to LED flood lights. Your neighbors are sure to follow suit!